Where are motherboards produced these days and by whom?

Like many PC network products and main products, which are being defined as “products that are used for LANs (local area networks), PSTN (public switched telephone network), ISDN (integrated services networks), ASDL (asymmetric digital subscriber loop), and cable modems.

Main products include “network interface cards, hubs, bridging switches, modems and routers”(Electronic Computer Glossary), motherboards are mostly produced in Asian countries like China, Thailand, Vietnam or Korea. While many producer companies are based in Europe or the USA, the production is much cheaper in Asia, because of the production of raw materials nearby and low costs for labor. One problem though, is the production and distribution of pirated material, which is in number higher in countries, with low paid labor and great access to the original products.

Nowadays, there exists a vast number of motherboard manufacturers, led
by the most successful names like Intel, Zotac or Nvedia. To give a
small overview, here is a short list, of the better known manufacturers,
like Acer Inc., ACube Systems, Albatron, Arima Computer Corporation,
EMAXX, Asus, Technologies, DFI, Elitegroup Computer Systems, which also
produces PCChips, Chaintech, which stopped manufacturing motherboards,
eVGA or First International Computer. Others include Foxconn, Gigabyte
Technology, Gumstix or IWill.    Further known are (in alphabetic order)
J&W, Jetway, Leadtek, Magic-Pro, Manli, MSI (Micro-Star
International), Palit, PCP, PNY Technologies, Powercolor and Quandmax.
RedFox, Sapphire Technology, Shuttle Inc., Supercomp, Supermicro,
Trenton Technology, Tyan, Vertex 3D, VIA Technologies, Vigor Gaming,
Xitrix Computer Corporation, XFX and Zebronics finish the list of
motherboard manufacturers for personal computers.

Companies like Lanner Inc or Advansus are focusing on industrial
motherboards. AMD, Ali, Broadcom, Intel, Nvidia, Silicon Integrated
Systems and VIA Technologies produce motherboard Chipsets.

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