Who are the best producers of graphics cards and where are their products manufactured?

While the development of high technology like graphics cards makes highly educated (and therefore often well-paid) programmers in the first-world countries of Europe, the USA or Japan, where the manufacturing companies of graphic cards are based, necessary to keep up with the development of 3d computer games and HD movies, the actual production is mostly based in Asian or South-East-Asian countries. Low paid labor and raw materials can be found for example in China, the number-one-producer of pc network products and add-on cards. If one is interested in where one product was produced exactly, one can always check the packaging or ask the manufacturer.

The most known (and most successful) manufacturers of graphic cards are
Nvidia, Intel, ATI, Matrox Graphics, PowerVR, Asus, SiS and Via, which
is producing mainly in the S3 Graphics division. Weiterlesen